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Leadership and Management

To do great things is difficult; but to command great things is more difficult. – Friedrich Nietzche

Use of Technology



Performance Management

All public organizations face critical management and leadership issues throughout their existence.  Recognizing those issues and understanding how to manage and lead the organization through them is essential part of being an effective public administrator.  The work product example provided below is a study of one such public organization, the Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) and two key issues faced by it. 


OJD is the state agency within the Oregon judicial branch of government responsible for overseeing the unified state court system consisting of 27 judicial districts with 36 circuit courts of general jurisdiction, the Tax Court, Oregon Court of Appeals, and the Oregon Supreme Court.  Like many courts, OJD is facing the following two key leadership issues: (i) the need to build public trust and confidence in the courts; and (ii) the need to replace or repair failing infrastructure.  The work example provided analyzes OJD’s unique circumstances with these two leadership key issues and provides recommendations for addressing them.


This work product example is a revised version of an assignment completed for my Managing Public Organizations class. The memo was completed solely for the assignment and was not sent.

Governments are continuously challenged to provide more services with less resources.  One tool that governments are consistently embracing to address this continual challenge is the use of technology.  Whether technology is utilized to enhance the internal functioning of government or to allow its citizens to have a greater voice and access, technology is being used by government to help improve its service delivery. 


The work product example provided below gives an overview of on the uses and approaches governments have taken with what is known as e-Government.  As shown in the example, while leadership and management approaches to the use of e-Government vary depending on the agency and the need, the overall purpose in embracing e-Government is to improve service delivery to the public. 


This work product example is a revised, updated version of an assignment completed for my Technology & Public Administration class.

Performance management systems, including employee evaluations, have the potential to enhance employee and organizational productivity, create a positive organizational culture, and ensure alignment with organizational values and goals.  However, the majority of both employees and managers find such systems flawed and ineffective.  The prevalence of the dissatisfaction with such systems has led them to be viewed as human resources’ Achilles’ heel. While such systems are difficult to successfully implement, the benefits that may be gained through such systems support its continued use. 


The work product example provided below explores the common issues in performance management systems as well as recommendations for structuring an effective process.  The example, through focusing on a particular evaluation form and analyzing its elements, provides recommended procedures for effectively using the evaluation form as part of a comprehensive performance management system.


This work product example is a revised version of an assignment completed for my Human Resources Administration class.

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